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Automated Window Treatments

Sync Your Phone to Your Blinds: Why You Need Automated Window Treatments

If you are planning to re-do your window treatments soon, you’ll need to consider not just a style update, but a technology update, too. As technology has advanced, it’s made its way into the window treatment industry, too.

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Window Treatment Style Guide

Each home has its own distinct style; it reflects the homeowner’s taste and lifestyle. Fortunately,  each home’s specific style has a window treatment to match. Whether your look is sleek and sophisticated or cozy and contemporary, you can find a window treatment that highlights your style.

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Cost Effective, Environmentally Friendly Window Treatment

There is duality in the purpose of your window treatments. They should reflect your home’s style while also giving you privacy, temperature control, and the ability to let light in or keep it out, depending on the room. If you’re searching for beautiful window treatments to complement your home while also giving you the ability to do all of the above, consider AlumaCore Shutters.

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Light-Control & Privacy Options for Window Treatments

In most cases, a window treatment you love for your living room will not give you the same satisfaction in your bedroom. The two main factors for window treatments are how much light control you want, and how much privacy you need.

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Which Window Treatments Block The Most Light From Your Home?

Struggling to find the right kind of window treatment for each room of your new home? Looking to update your dining room, but not sure what window treatments would be best?

Start narrowing down the window treatment options for each room of your home by considering two big factors: how much light you actually want (or don’t want) and how much flexibility you want to adjust the amount of light your window treatments let into the space.

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Anti-Fading Window Treatment Materials Resistant to Florida's Powerful UV Rays

The right window treatments can make a powerful statement in your home and transform the look of a room. After going through the trouble of finding the right window treatments to fit your windows, decor, and budget, the last thing you want is to discover that your shutters or shades don’t hold up to the sun and they’ve started to fade within just months.

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Vertical Blinds: Sleek and Contemporary

South Florida residents know that one thing they have in abundance is sunshine! Often, architects add expansive windows to their designs to take advantage of one of our greatest natural resources.

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Roman Shades: A Clean Sophisticated Look

Have you ever looked around a room and thought, “What is the finishing touch I need to make this look complete?” Window treatments could be your answer! The right window treatments will add a sleek and sophisticated touch to any room.

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5 Tall Window Treatment Ideas

Tall windows in your home give such a dramatic, space-opening effect – but how do you dress these architectural statement pieces? Here’s 5 window treatment ideas to make the most of your tall windows;

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How to Decorate with Roller Shades

Roller shades have been around in some form since the early 1700’s. Until recently, they have been mostly seen as a plain, basic window covering option – functional, but really not much to look at.

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