Cellular Blinds

Soft Light and Privacy

Neighbors watching your family dinner. Peeping eyes as your grandchildren bathe. Stares from passerby's in your morning robe.

We all love a sunny home, but sometimes we simply need privacy.

What if your home could be both brightly lit and shielded from Peeping Toms?

That’s where cellular shades come in. Go about your routine, without concern about being overseen, with honeycomb shades.

Superior Insulation

Not all shades were designed to insulate a Florida home. With cutting-edge, dual comb technology, “honeycomb” shades feature a comb inside of another comb, for double protection.

How does it work? These pleated shades trap air inside of pockets, keeping the hot air out and cool air in, for maximum energy efficiency.

But that’s not all. Select opacities allow light to seep through covered windows, illuminating your space even while the shades are down.

For those who seek an intimate, darkened scene, Duette® is your solution. These shades are optimized with LightLock™, deflecting incoming sun while insulating your home.

All this means lower electric bills and more light control.

Our Cellular Shades

At Beach Bungalow Blinds, we shine the spotlight on Hunter Douglas. This trusted brand is the provider of the original cellular shade, specifically engineered with temperature control protection.

But these highly functional shades don’t skimp on beauty either. With nine different color and fabric options, including unique shades in soft Peony blush or bright Pistachio green, these honeycomb window dressings add a touch of sophistication to any home.

Looking for added convenience? Protect your privacy, 24/7, without constant attention. Motorization allows your cellular shades to rise and fall on schedule, while top down bottom up functionality welcomes both brightness and seclusion.

Simply set it and forget it— your shades will adjust as commanded, effortlessly.

Learn more about cellular shades and arrange a time to visit our Fort Myers showroom to see the quality of these window treatments in person.

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