Cellular Shades: Your Answer to Privacy, Shade, and Style

If you’re looking for an energy efficient, yet attractive update for your window treatments, cellular shades could be your answer. Cellular shades, also called honeycomb shades, offer privacy, insulation and light control for just about any window.

What makes these shades so great? Read on as we discuss some of the reasons why cellular shades might be the right choice for you:

Keep Your Cool: Added Insulation Where it Counts

Cellular shades have multiple layers of fabric that stack up like an accordion when you draw them up, and look a bit like a honeycomb or corrugated cardboard from the side. These honeycomb-like channels trap air, creating an insulating barrier that blocks heat from blasting through your windows. In fact, you can nearly double the “R value” - the measurement used to rate insulating capability - of your average double-glazed window from 3.5 to nearly 7 by adding a high energy-efficient cellular shade. 

Privacy, Please!

While there are many different fabric options available, one thing that all cellular shades have in common is their privacy control. With top-down, bottom-up options, you can close the shades in the traditional way, from the top down, or from the bottom, allowing light to flow into the room above the shade while the blind provides privacy on the bottom portion of the window.

Take Control of the Light

Cellular shades have long been used in photography studios as a means to control the light. With the right fabric choice, you can completely block the light from your space. This is a great solution for children’s rooms and media rooms.  

Also available are dual-layer shades. With a light filtering layer offering privacy with a glowy, filtered light coming through, as well as a light blocking layer, these shades give you total control over the light entering your home. 

Use Them For Your Sliding Glass Doors

Cellular Shades are a great way to control light, glare and heat from our oversized sliding glass doors. They can be hung horizontally or vertically, giving you all kinds of new unique ways to dress up and treat your glass doors. 

Go Cordless

Cordless options offer a few advantages over the traditional corded models. These operate by simply lifting and lowering the shade by hand. Wherever you let go, it stays. Cordless shades are also safer for small children, with nothing for the little ones to get caught up in.  

Aside from ease of use and safety, cordless shades give a cleaner look overall, with no hanging cords. In a space where there may be several shades close to each other, such as a bay window or a wall of several windows in close proximity, this can make a big visual difference.

Motorized Magic

If the cordless option sounds great, but you have super high windows making it hard to reach, or have several windows you’d want to open and close the shade on quickly and easily, consider a motorized feature. Motorized shades lift and lower with a touch of a button, offering the most convenient and easiest operation.

Big Style Points

Cellular shades offer a clean, unobtrusive look, virtually disappearing when drawn, as the stack created by the fabric blind is small and thin in comparison to traditional wood or composite blinds. They are offered in a wide variety of fabrics. From sheer to completely opaque, to bright, bold and cheery, to dark and modern. There’s sure to be a shade for your style. Contact our design team today!   

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