Hunter Douglas Duette® Honeycomb Shades

Superior Insulation & Light Control

It’s easy to appreciate the beauty of soft, elegant shades. But Florida homeowners who desire light, airy window treatments have a problem: thin dressings do little to deflect outdoor heat or to contain cool air conditioning. Plus, they often offer little-to-no light control.

That’s where Hunter Douglas Duette® Honeycomb Shades come in.

These cellular, pleated shades are both highly sophisticated and functional— offering unparalleled energy-efficiency and superior diffusion or deflection of light.

Keep your Florida home cool and choose between sunshine or darkness, whenever you desire, with our industry-leading honeycomb shades.

It Doesn’t Get Sweeter than Honeycomb

Our Hunter Douglas Duette Honeycomb Shades boast a cellular design that mimics the shape of honeycombs, for some sweet energy savings.  

Why honeycomb? The proprietary cellular design uses dual comb technology, trapping air inside of its module pockets for exceptional insulation.

Not only can the unique, dimensional aesthetic save you money on your electric bill, but these pleated shades are also sleek and stylish.

While this line’s original single-cell design receives tremendous attention, the Duette Architella® collection is often held in even higher regard. That’s because Architella offers double the protection— featuring a honeycomb within a honeycomb— for maximum energy-efficiency.

Let’s not forget about Duette’s revolutionary light control features. Two-seperate Duolite® fabric panels offer gentle diffusion of light and maximum light control, granting you privacy with comfort.

These cellular shades also boast LightLock™, a patent-pending side channel design which prevents outside light from seeping in.

Our Duette Honeycomb Shades

Homeowners all across Florida are blown away by Hunter Douglas Duette’s customization abilities, like its special shade styles and system designs.

Not only are these honeycomb shades available in a number of stylish colors and textures, but also in multiple pleat sizes, for varying aesthetics.

These cellular shades also can be tracked and automated, set to open or close at the touch of a button. Watch them rise top-down bottom-up with the help of motorization, or place them over French doors and utilize TrackGlide™ technology.

Best of all, our Hunter Douglas products are designed and custom-crafted in the United States— and come with a lifetime limited warranty.

Are you sure shades are your final choice? Here are some things to consider before buying shades to help you choose with confidence. Then visit our Fort Myers showroom to see the treatments for yourself.

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