Metal Blinds are the Pinnacle of Modern Industrial Decor

Metal is in.

It’s a chestnut coffee table with boxy steel legs. It’s a marble kitchen counter top with caged lights hanging from linked chains.

Modern industrial themes have taken over the home design playing field, with many homeowners combining rich wood with rustic metal accents all across the country.

Why not bring that style to your Florida home, by snagging some jaw-dropping metal blinds like your friends and family have never seen?

Metal Blinds

Would Metal Look Good in My Home?

The short answer is yes. It’s easy to modernize almost any living space.

Metallic accents look stunning against concrete, wood, brick, leather— you name it, people will industrialize it.

The result of combining vintage features with modern touches? A timeless look.

Introducing Hunter Douglas Modern Precious Metals® Aluminum Blinds

Who wouldn’t feel glamourous with golden windows? Coating their metal blinds with sophisticated bronze, silver or other attractive hues, Hunter Douglas’s Precious Metals line redefines your idea of typical aluminium.

Next to some clean white tiles or elegant crown molding, their Vintage Golden Brush colored metal blinds (depicted above) add an undeniable touch of class to almost any space.

Whether you want a metallic look to complement your vintage accents, enjoy the sheer of pearlescent or flat matte simplicity, we offer a variety of finishes and textures. Choose between a contoured or a beveled headrail too for the perfect head dressing.

These vintage chic blinds are actually surprisingly modern in functionality; they’re compatible with PowerView® Motorization to tilt them open or shut with your smartphone. There’s even an exclusive de-Light™ feature to help filter out light when you’re in the mood for some privacy by candlelight.  

aluminum blinds

Complementing Your Mental Blinds

Considering putting Venetian Bronze metal blinds in your study or dining room? String some black wired Edison bulbs across the ceiling or some trailing ivy. For those in Florida, add a Sago palm or other tropical potted plant next to the window.

Want a bathroom remodel? If the beach takes up a big spot in your heart, accent your Putty colored metallic blinds (depicted above) with a pale pink conch shell or weathered driftwood mirror.

Bedrooms look ravishing with a pearlescent Woodland Dusk or Brushed Nickel colored window treatment. Drap a thick woven blanket over your brown leather armchair or add a vintage bookshelf for a contrast between earthy, natural textures and chic aluminium.

Not Sure You Like the Look of Metal? Try AlumaCore Aluminium Shutters

For those looking for durable shutters, without necessarily the metallic look, AlumaCore Plantation structures use synthetic fibers on the outside, but boast a strong, hidden aluminum core.

In fact, its insulating synthetic fiber makes these “metal” shutters extremely energy efficient, keeping heat out and cool air in.

The best part? Its components are made out of 100% recycled material, including its recycled aluminum core. Because most plantar shades are selected in a clean white, our dust-resistant painted shutters look just as sharp as the rest, just “greener.”

Explore More Window Treatment Options

Maybe after looking at all these metal blinds, you realize you like the natural feel of woven wood shutters more.

That’s okay! We offer blinds and shutters made from bamboo, reeds, rattan, exotic grasses, and other natural resources. Read more about wooden window treatments.

Perhaps you don’t know what other options you have. Our DIY Buying Guide to Home Window Treatments & Accents is the perfect place to get started exploring different styles and choose the right fit for your home.

Choosing coverings for your windows shouldn’t be a tedious or tricky task. Make it fun!

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