Woven Wood Brings a Natural Feel to Your Home

There have been a great number of studies done recently concluding that connecting with nature will enhance a human’s happiness and health. In Southwest Florida, there are practically no limits to the amount of nature you can experience on any given day. Gorgeous weather, surf, sand, the Everglades, and many beautiful state and national parks offer our residents the opportunity to connect with nature and lead fuller lives.

If you want to bring that natural feeling indoors, there is no better way to do it than to add woven wood blinds to your home.


Customized Woven Wood Blinds

The natural feel of woven wood blinds comes from the natural materials used to make them. The woven wooden blinds are made from bamboo, reeds, rattan, exotic grasses, and other natural resources. Hunter Douglas Provenance Woven Wood blinds are available in Roman, Waterfall Roman, and Vertical drapery styles.

Hunter Douglas offers light dampening and room darkening liner options to give you different amounts of light control. These woven wood blinds are offered in fifty different colors to ensure you find a shade that fits your style. Additionally, they’re custom crafted in the United States to fit your specific window measurements.

Environmentally Friendly in Every Way

The natural materials used to make the woven wood blinds are all environmentally friendly. Hunter Douglas only uses renewable materials to make the woven wood blinds, ensuring you are not supporting any production practices that might be harmful to the environment.

The liner options allow you to enhance your home’s energy savings, enabling you to let natural light in and keep light fixtures turned off. You also can keep your cooling bills down by closing the blinds at times when direct sunlight is shining in, creating a warming effect and forcing your AC to work overtime.


Motorization Option

Hunter Douglas offers Powerview Motorization, a system you can add to your woven wood blinds to automatically control the amount of light at any given time of day. Powerview Motorization combines the natural feeling you get from woven wood blinds with modern convenience.

Say that your living room gets direct morning sun and you find it to be too much of a glare for your comfort. You can program your woven wood blinds to close during that part of the day. Or maybe you have a child whose room gets late evening sun in the summer, but their bedtime is before the sun is all the way down. You can program their woven wood blinds to be completely closed before you even enter the room.


Your authorized Hunter Douglas Dealer can walk you through the entire process of adding Powerview Motorization from ordering to installation to programming for your convenience.

Southwest Florida’s premier Hunter Douglas Dealer is Beach Bungalow Blinds. Our staff consists of helpful and knowledgeable individuals who work as a team to consult, design, order, and install the perfect wood woven blinds for your home and style.

Schedule your appointment or stop by our store today and let us start you on your way to adding a natural feel to your home with wood woven blinds.


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