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What to Consider Before Buying Window Shades

If you’ve been considering some new window treatments, shades are a viable option for many homeowners. But what makes them so special compared to blinds, or even shutters?

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Blinds vs. Shades: Which Window Treatment is Right for You?

When it comes to window treatments, there’s a lot of choices. Even if you’ve narrowed your selection down to blinds or shades, there’s many types, both with their advantages and drawbacks.

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Roman Shades: A Clean Sophisticated Look

Have you ever looked around a room and thought, “What is the finishing touch I need to make this look complete?” Window treatments could be your answer! The right window treatments will add a sleek and sophisticated touch to any room.

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How to Decorate with Roller Shades

Roller shades have been around in some form since the early 1700’s. Until recently, they have been mostly seen as a plain, basic window covering option – functional, but really not much to look at.

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Beach Bungalow's Window Treament Guide

Choosing coverings for your windows shouldn’t be a tedious or tricky task. A simple way to add style to the home, blinds and shutters offer a wide range of practical benefits, from the shade they provide to the privacy they offer the occupants of a property. If you don't know all that much about window accents, tlet us shine a light on the options available.

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8 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Window Treatments

When updating a home, most people think of the obvious enhancements: a fresh coat of paint, new furniture, a new piece of artwork, or even a houseplant (or two). But what many overlook are the window treatments.

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