How to Decorate with Roller Shades

Roller shades have been around in some form since the early 1700’s. Until recently, they have been mostly seen as a plain, basic window covering option – functional, but really not much to look at.

Today’s roller shades are available in a wide variety of materials – from sheer, modern, minimalist looks to bold, colorful patterns and unique textures, these aren’t your grandma’s beige vinyl roller shades of the 70s and 80s. Let’s look at some ways roller shades can add style and interest to your windows.

Clean and Modern

Draw the emphasis to the outdoors beyond your windows with a tone on tone, monochromatic color scheme. A simple roller shade in a similar tone as the wall color blurs the line between window and wall and draws the eye to the green space outside. Modern doesn’t have to mean “cold” or “uninviting” – choose textured fabrics, subtle tone-on-tone patterns and warm colors to keep the look from being too industrial.

Bright and Playful

Roller shades are a great choice for children’s spaces – the cord-free operation makes them safe for use in spaces with small children and animals. Bold, brightly colored fabrics and playful patterned roller shades add interest and fun to kids’ spaces.

Valance Balance

Pairing a roller shade with a decorative valance adds detail while keeping a streamlined feel. Add a fabric valance of a contrasting color or bold pattern for a contemporary look. For a softer feel, go with a fabric valance that coordinates with the color of the roller shade, or keep it tone-on-tone. A sleek, modern industrial look can be achieved by pairing your roller shade with a metal fascia – or go completely bare and have the roller portion exposed.

Natural Appeal

Woven wood roller shades are a newer option, offering the natural appeal of wooden shades without the sometimes heavy look of wood blinds. Bringing the outside in with a natural material is a great choice for your beach bungalow. They play nicely in the popular modern-rustic inspired spaces, adding texture while maintaining simplicity. Try combining natural, woven wood roller shades with an all-white room to add character and and inviting feeling to an otherwise simple scheme for a clean, finished look.

Contemporary Companions - Roller Shades and Drapery

While roller shades certainly look great on their own, the possibilities are endless when paired with drapery. Pairing the minimalist form of roller shades with soft, flowing drapery gives you the best of both worlds with form and function. The fabric drapery frames and softens the line of the window while a roller shade gives you light and privacy control you just don’t get with drapes alone. Try pairing a sheer roller shade for light diffusion with a bold drapery, or play with patterns – layering patterns on both drapery and roller shade or on just one layer.

Of course, these ideas just scratch the surface of the decorating possibilities using roller shades. The talented design team at Beach Bungalow Blinds is here to help you liven up your windows with just the right roller shade look to fit your style. Contact us today to change things up with roller shades!

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