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Window Covering Ideas to Complement Your Outdoor Scenery

Homeowners in Southwest Florida have some of the best outdoor views across the country.

A sunny day can really illuminate your peaceful pool, rich garden or inviting patio set. But the sun can also bounce harshly off of that billowing overhead umbrella or glistening water feature— casting bright beams in your eyes, warming up your rooms and raising your electric bill.

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Kitchen Window Treatments To Suit Your Style

Are you planning a complete overhaul of your culinary space, or even just a kitchen refresh? One of the smallest ways to make the biggest impact in a kitchen, to match your new counter-tops and cabinets, or even to go with a new coat of paint, is to update your kitchen window treatments.

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Best Window Treatments for Your Business

Doing a little “window shopping” for your business? It can be hard to choose the right window treatments for your company. You want them to last without feeling dated in a matter of only a few years and they shouldn’t pull focus from the task at hand, but you still want them to make a statement, even if it’s a subtle one. And most importantly, your window treatments should be cost effective; pairing a great look with a great price.

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Roller Shades Create Beauty With Light


Lighting is one of the most important aspects of your home. You can easily use lighting to enhance and highlight your personal style. Often, we manipulate lighting with overhead lights, lamp lights, floor lights, and spot lights.

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Make the Most of Your French Doors

French doors are a gorgeous addition to any home. If you are building, consider using French doors in a series of two, three, even four in a row, as an entryway from patio to the home. The weather in Southwest Florida is the envy of all. French doors bring the outside in, opening the home up to the patio.

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Woven Wood Brings a Natural Feel to Your Home

There have been a great number of studies done recently concluding that connecting with nature will enhance a human’s happiness and health. In Southwest Florida, there are practically no limits to the amount of nature you can experience on any given day. Gorgeous weather, surf, sand, the Everglades, and many beautiful state and national parks offer our residents the opportunity to connect with nature and lead fuller lives.

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Why Big Box Window Treatments Aren’t Worth It

In Southwest Florida, the process of picking out window treatments is important, whether you’re buying or remodeling a home. In the sunshine state, protecting the inside of your home from UV light will lengthen the life of your furniture, your pictures, and, of course, protect your family and loved ones from skin damage.

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Automated Window Treatments

Sync Your Phone to Your Blinds: Why You Need Automated Window Treatments

If you are planning to re-do your window treatments soon, you’ll need to consider not just a style update, but a technology update, too. As technology has advanced, it’s made its way into the window treatment industry, too.

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Window Treatment Style Guide

Each home has its own distinct style; it reflects the homeowner’s taste and lifestyle. Fortunately,  each home’s specific style has a window treatment to match. Whether your look is sleek and sophisticated or cozy and contemporary, you can find a window treatment that highlights your style.

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Cost Effective, Environmentally Friendly Window Treatment

There is duality in the purpose of your window treatments. They should reflect your home’s style while also giving you privacy, temperature control, and the ability to let light in or keep it out, depending on the room. If you’re searching for beautiful window treatments to complement your home while also giving you the ability to do all of the above, consider AlumaCore Shutters.

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