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How To Treat Unusual Windows

Not all windows are created equal, and it can be tough to find the right treatments for every window in your home--especially if you have unusually-shaped or oddly-placed windows. You shouldn’t have to live with minimal privacy or sun glares just because your windows don’t fit the typical mold.

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10 Trendy Window Treatments for Your Bungalow Bathroom

As you work to add the perfect design touches to every room in your home, one space can easily be forgotten: the bathroom. Just because you won’t be entertaining guests or spending a majority of your time in this room, doesn’t make it any less important or mean you should spend less time designing and decorating the space.

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Enhance Your Home With Colorful Window Treatment Choices

You’re ready to update your interior—it’s time for a change, and you’re excited to start planning a remodel that will best represent your style and personality. But can you do this without the help of a professional? Can you achieve great results without spending a lot of money for a designer, money that you’d really prefer to put back into your home? Of course you can! If you’re willing to put in a little time, you can create a truly personal design that will most accurately reflect the mood and feeling you want your home to convey.

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