Window Treatments that Beat the Heat and Save Your Energy Bill

If you’re based in the Sunshine State, you know all too well just how smoldering summertime can be. Did you also know that updating your window treatments can help you go green and save green at the same time? It’s true! The right window treatment can help you stay cool and stay within your budget. Let’s dive into the wonderful world of window treatments, and determine which option might be best for you!

Save Money Without Sacrificing Style

If you’re worried that being conscious of your energy savings means that you’ll have to resign yourself to unattractive or outdated window treatments, worry not! Beach Bungalow Blinds has you covered with plenty of options from contemporary to traditional, to casual, elegant and ultra modern. You might think that green window treatments are a snore. On the contrary, most can be customized to match your color palette and specific design.

Shutters, Blinds, and Shades, Oh My!

Whether you decide on blinds, shades or shutters, each has its advantages when it comes to keeping you cool. Think about the days when it’s not quite hot enough to turn on the A/C but warm enough to want some reprieve from the hot sun.

Having the luxury of air conditioning is great, but it also comes at a cost— to the environment AND your wallet! Window treatments are a great alternative for functionality and design.


There are a wide variety of blinds available, so you’re sure to find the blinds that are right for your home. For starters, horizontal blinds can be adjusted so that the tilt of their slats helps to control sunlight, therefore reducing temperature in a room and in your home as a whole. They come in two-inch, two-and-a-half inch, and three-inch wide slats. The wider slats offer the most control over the amount of sunlight and heat that comes in.

Cellular blinds, otherwise known as honeycomb shades, offer a level of simplicity – helping to keep your home cooler, reducing energy consumption and saving you money. They can also be motorized for ease of operation and save time.  Due to their design, the honeycomb cells actually absorb and diffuse heat and light.

Vertical cellular shades are ideal for patio doors. They are soft to the touch, offer full privacy and add insulation to your home. Just like the cellular shades, there are plenty of fabrics and styles to choose from.


Shutters are a desirable option for their adjustability to your lighting preference, providing for more coverage than traditional blinds thanks to their large slats. They’re also fixed, providing a neat, clean appearance that will last you for years.

With shutters, you have two options: wood and composite. Wood shutters offer a more traditional look, and you can customize the wood with paint or stain to perfectly match your home’s interior.  If you’re on a budget but want the same look and feel as wood, consider composite shutters. You’ll get the appearance of wood with a lower price tag and great resistance to intruding sunlight.  


If you think that shades are simply boring white rectangles that cover your windows, think again! While that was once the case, these days you can find blinds in a wide variety of fabrics, colors, and designs, so you’ll be able to find the exact look you want for any room in your house. Whether you go with roller shades or solar shades, you can choose the degree of opacity that will best block the hot summer sun’s UV rays from your home.

To go along with the fact that our window coverings save you money and help to reduce your environmental footprint, all Beach Bungalow blinds are environmentally friendly!

Yet More Savings

There are currently manufacturer’s rebates available in conjunction with the Hunter Douglas Celebration of Light event.  Ask us which energy efficient window treatments are included in the rebate promotion going on now through June 26, 2017!

Check Rebates

We offer free in-home measurement and design consultation. There’s no day like today to go green and save green! Stop by the showroom or call us today!

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