Why NOT to Buy Your Blinds at Home Depot or Lowes

During your home remodel or new build, how many hours do you want to spend flipping through catalogs, wandering around Home Depot’s maze of aisles, or worse yet, waiting on hold for a customer service agent? You shouldn’t dread the blind shopping experience or agonize over installation, why not try and enjoy putting the final touches on your home? By choosing a local blind company over a home improvement giant, you’ll be assured a quality and custom experience.

Low-Quality Products

When you purchase your blinds from a big-box home improvement store, it’s impossible to determine the quality of the product. Although the blinds may be designed by a reputable brand like Hunter Douglas, they may not actually be produced at the company factory. This seemingly small difference means the company sacrificed quality and durability to provide a better value.

In sunny places like southwest Florida, not only will blinds without quality UV protection quickly lose their original shine, but they also won’t be able to provide the homeowner with the same energy saving capabilities as high-quality blinds.

Lack of Custom Blind Options

If you’ve ever purchased you blinds form a home improvement store, you know the process is anything but customized. After you spend a couple hours measuring your windows and carefully logging the dimensions, the employee at the store still has to cut the valance to fit your window frame… and that’s just the beginning. Once you get the blinds home, you have to navigate the arduous process of cutting your blinds to the correct length.

With custom blinds, you’ll never to worry about crooked blinds or sloppy cuts. Each blind was specially made to fit your windows and doors. You’ll also never have to worry about waiting months for the store to stock your desired combination of color and style. A custom and personalized experience assures you will get exactly what you need to complete your aesthetic vision.

No Experienced Consultation or Professional Installation

When people shop at home improvement stores like Home Depot, they can run the risk of falling in love with the price tag. Although the sticker price may be attractive, it doesn’t include the weekend you’ll spend installing them - that’s up to you! That doesn’t even include what happens if your realize the blinds are the wrong color, or they don’t quite fit your decor. You’ll either have to deal with an unresponsive customer service and return department, or see you blinds every day and wish you would have called a professional.

From an in-home consultation to help you determine your exact style preference to custom manufactured blinds and professional installation, contact the the team at Beach Bungalow Blinds today for a personalized experience.

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