PowerView® Motorization: Intelligent Shades to Simplify Life

Can you imagine having window treatments that knew the time of day and adjusted to what you want the light and ambiance to be, throughout your home, all the time? Want to take control of the light in your home with a tap on your tablet or phone, or even a spoken command? With PowerView Motorization, you can do all of these things and more!

Take Control

PowerView Motorization allows you to program your window shades to the exact position you want, and control if and when you want them to change to a different position using the easy-to-use PowerView app or HunterDouglas’ own Pebble remote system. 

Make a Scene

Using the app, you can create and schedule customized Scenes. What are Scenes you might ask? Scenes are the settings for each shade in each room, adjusted to the exact position you want at different times of day. This is all according to your light, privacy and general ambiance preferences. You can also customize each Scene using a variety of color schemes, activity icons, and of course custom names to make each Scene easy to identify.

Set a Schedule

Using the schedule feature, you can set up any of your Scenes to operate automatically. You simply program your Scene to activate at specific times, and even set multiple Scenes to activate in different rooms simultaneously; want to slowly brighten the kitchen every morning to get your day started, but keep the kid’s bedrooms in the dark? With the PowerView app, you can even set this to the local sunrise (or sunset) times by allowing the app to access your location. 

Change it Up on the Go

The RemoteConnect feature allows you to operate your shades from anywhere! Why would you want to do that? Well, it’s a great feature for those who travel regularly, giving the appearance of someone at home, as you make changes to the shades from afar.   

Go Cord-free for Safety and Convenience

With nothing to get tangled up in, the cordless design of PowerView Motorization enabled shades creates a safe environment for small children and pets.  Another type of cord you won’t have to hassle with is a power cord! Most models of PowerView enabled window treatments are battery operated. This means no complicated wiring and no extra holes in your walls. 

Plays Well With Others

PowerView integrates seamlessly with other home automation systems like Nest, Logitech, ELAN, IFTTT and more.  For example, with Nest, you can have a Scene that is optimized for privacy and energy savings when the Nest senses that you are “Away”.  

With IFTTT, you can can use “Recipes” to have your shades close when you turn on a light, automatically close shades when it is hot outside, and even activate your shades using your Amazon Echo or Google Assistant. 

Ready to make the move from standard shades to PowerView Motorization?

Contact us today to transform your space from simply basic corded shades to a simply amazing motorized system that is both powerful and easy to use!

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