How To Price Plantation Shutters

Are you thinking about getting plantation shutters fitted on your Cape Coral home? A classy option for window coverings, plantation shutters offer a host of benefits when compared to blinds. Investing in shutters for the home will enhance curb appeal and the investment is sure to be worthwhile, considering the fact shutters can add privacy and security. Furthermore, maintenance for interior shutters is easy and thanks to flexible light control, UV glare can be minimized. Here are a few things to think about when estimating the cost of installing plantation shutters in your home. 

How Design Affects Cape Coral Plantation Shutters Pricing

First things first, figure out what look you are trying to achieve with plantation shutters. With such a broad spectrum of styles available, you should educate yourself on shutter pricing based on different design styles. Frame size and arches have an impact on price because the manufacturing process is more complex.

Below are some of the more common designs for plantation shutters in Cape Coral: 

  • Bypass
  • Byfold
  • Hidden tilt
  • Arched

It’s not just the above designs that will affect plantation shutters pricing but also, the shape of your windows. The good thing about plantation-style window coverings is that they can be installed over rake, hexagon, sunburst, horizontal oval, cathedral, and contoured left/right windows. 

Getting a Quote Based on Measurements

Instant quotes can be obtained for your Cape Coral plantation shutters and while it may not be completely accurate, it will be close enough for you to determine if you want to move forward. A accurate quote will happen with an in-home assessment.

Using a measuring tape, take rough window measurements, including the height and width. Note down these measurements on a piece of paper. The cost to install plantation shutters over recessed or non-recessed windows will differ, because the process of fitting shutters on top of windows that lie flat against a wall is the easier option.

Factoring in the Cost of Installation

The more complex a window’s design, the harder it will be to place the plantation shutter over the top. Special circumstances must be factored into pricing, so as to avoid unexpected fees. Window sills, odd window sizes, obstructing objects, and windows that open inwards rather than outwards may be considered special circumstances. Remember to always do your research so that you are better prepared in estimating the cost of your plantation shutters. If you have any questions, please give our team at Beach Bungalow Blinds a call. We will be happy to help you.

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