Five Advantages of Alumacore Plantation Shutters

You love the look of plantation shutters; they lend an air of elegance and sophistication to a room with little effort on your part. But did you know that you’ve got different options when it comes to the materials with which your shutters are made?

Sure, once upon a time these were only available in high-maintenance wood, which meant that they had to be repainted or refinished regularly, they were more expensive, and they were incredible dust magnets. But now?

Plantation shutters are manufactured in several different materials, the newest of which is AlumaCore. Here are five reasons that AlumaCore Plantation Shutters from Beach Bungalow Blinds are a great option for your home.

  1. They are less expensive than plantation shutters available in other materials. Not only is the initial investment less expensive, but they’re cheaper to keep up, too. As we mentioned before, wooden plantation shutters are incredibly time (and money) consuming; conversely, AlumaCore plantation shutters require next to no maintenance. Install them, and enjoy the enhanced appearance of the room they grace.

  2. AlumaCore plantation shutters are dust repellent. Yep, you read that right— you won’t spend more time than you like dusting your beautiful new plantation shutters. Unlike their wooden and composite counterparts, AlumaCore shutters from Beach Bungalow Blinds are created from materials that resist dust.

  3. AlumaCore shutters are green. No, we don’t mean the color—they come in white and off white—but mean that the components of Alumacore plantation shutters are 100% recyclable. Plus, when you choose AlumaCore instead of wood, you’re saving trees! Even better, AlumaCore plantation shutters are very energy efficient, which will not just save you money, but decrease the amount of energy you use to heat and cool your home.

  4. It’s almost impossible to destroy them. The AlumaCore plantation shutter has an aluminum core reinforcing its synthetic material, which creates a nearly indestructible product. Additionally, it’s completely impervious to moisture, so if you accidentally leave a window open and the skies open up and rain pelts your shutters, you don’t have to panic about the destruction of your investment. These shutters will not fade in the sun, they won’t warp, and they won’t chip or peel like their wood counterparts.

  5. They are covered under a warranty. Yes, you read that right: AlumaCore Shutters are guaranteed to be free from defect for as long as the original purchaser owns the shutters. You can purchase these shutters with the knowledge that they’re covered; if a piece falls off or there’s some other form of defect, AlumaCore will happily replace or repair the issue.

AlumaCore shutters from Beach Bungalow Blinds will give you the beauty of plantation shutters while being more cost effective, attractive, and environmentally friendly than shutters made from other materials. Embrace the plantation shutters of the future with AlumaCore!

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